Who We Are

Looking for a piece of furniture, a front door or a special awning?
You’ve come to the right place!
In our carpentry workshop all the furniture is designed and built with a personal touch, according to your requirements, and all from solid wood.
An abundance of trees from all over the world - in all their different textures and colors – are open to you. And the carpenters themselves are always smiling!

Why are we smiling?

Our carpentry shop breathes fresh air, and enjoys wonderful views of the Galilee (over 1750 feet)
We all love to work with wood, and invest thought and planning into every piece of furniture, always checking and rethinking as we go.
We sit down with you and learn about your home and your needs, and  keep you involved throughout whole design process.
All the work is carried out by hand, skillfully, precisely, and with special attention to deadlines. We aim for creations, not products.
We aim for personal connections, and we’re proud of it.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are people who decided they want far more than just a piece of furniture that answers their functional needs.
Now they sit on, host with, eat on, arrange books or objects on our creations.
For us the nicest thing is that many customers reach us through their friends’ recommendations – satisfied customers themselves.

A carpenter who loves trees?

Indeed we do! At Pashutt Carpenters, we plant a new tree with every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop, in the name of the customer (with the help of the JNF).

You can smile too!

We run workshops at our studio every Friday.
You can build your own personal project with our guidance and careful eye.
You are welcome even without any prior experience.